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ArgMatrix® is a State-of-the-Art L-Arginine formula backed by 27 years of research and a full United States Patent.
ArgMatrix® contains the only form of L-Arginine that has been patented and proven to be safe long-term in humans.
ArgMatrix® contains Pharmaceutical Grade L-Arginine.
L-Arginine is the Keycode to generating Nitric Oxide in the human body.
ArgMatrix® is the only L-Arginine product proven to generate natural growth hormone.
ArgMatrix® is the only L-Arginine product laboratory proven to be safe and legal for all athletes.

ArgMatrix® is the only Patented Edible Computer Chip® that delivers a specific dose of an Arginine molecule to a targeted delivery site in the human body. more

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High Glycemic Foods & Beverages are Related to Low Testosterone Levels

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High Glycemic and High Cephalic Foods & Beverages Increase Risk of Breast Cancer in Women

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