Is An Antioxidant
Is Rejuvenative
Helps Produce Nitric Oxide
Aids In Decreasing Body Fat
Stimulates Muscle Development
Helps Promote Healthy Sexual Function
Is the Only Certified Low Glycemic Form of L-Arginine
Is the Only Certified Form of Non-Cephalic L-Arginine
The Only L-Arginine Proven Safe In Humans for Over 25 Years
The Only Form of L-Arginine Used in High-Doses With No Side Effects in 250,000 People

Is An Adaptogen
Helps Boost Energy
Enhances Muscle Mass
Supports Muscle Growth
Supports Hypothalamic
Contains a Blind Amino Acid® Rider
Helps Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
Is More Well Tolerated Than L-Arginine Alone
Stimulates Production of Human Anti-Aging Mechanisms in Persons Over Age 23
Growth Hormone: Helps provide the building blocks necessary for the body to maintain its own growth hormone levels

The following claims are solely related to the ArgMatrix® Federal Patents and are verified with documentation to FDA regulatory Attorneys per CFR 21 FDA Guidelines. No other L-Arginine product can legally make these claims.

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