ArgMatrix® is the only Patented Edible Computer Chip® that delivers a specific dose of an Arginine molecule to a targeted delivery site in the human body.

ArgMatrix® is the only L-Arginine compound on the market that has undergone 27-years of research to determine Arginine human dosing guidelines. These specific dosing-guidelines are incorporated into every ArgMatrix® product.

The benefits of ArgMatrix® are based on its unique and patented ability to deliver L-Arginine to site-specific-destinations in the human body, and produce the following actions:

Formulated, researched and Patented by World renowned L-Arginine researcher, Dr. Ann de Wees Allen®
ArgMatrix® contains Clinically Proven Levels of safe L-Arginine
ArgMatrix® is the only Nitric Oxide L-Arginine product with 2 separate formulas – one specifically designed for the Female Somatotype and one for the Male Somatotype
ArgMatrix® is the Key Code for generating Nitric Oxide in the human body and contains the only Patented L-Arginine Key Code signaling cell matrix
ArgMatrix® contains the only proven long-term safe form of L-Arginine, which is a unique form of pharmaceutical grade L-Arginine bound to a Blind Amino Acid® Rider. Click Here
ArgMatrix® is the only form of L-Arginine that has been Patented and proven to be safe long-term in humans, even at very high doses (50 grams of elemental L-Arginine per day in humans).
Produces Nitric Oxide and elevates serum levels of L-Arginine
Crosses the Blood-Brain-Barrier (BBB)
Stimulation of muscle mitochondria
Patented Pharmaceutical-Grade L-Arginine
State-of-the-Art L-Arginine
The only proven Safe L-Arginine (27 years)
L-Arginine bound to a Blind Amino Acid® Rider
Patented Nitric Oxide Formula
The only Certified Low Glycemic L-Arginine
The only Certified Non-Cephalic L-Arginine

Biochemical Engineering


Nitric Oxide (NO) is widely recognized as a key signaling molecule in human health and is associated with a variety of tissues and organs that affect cardiovascular disease, inflammatory disease and male erectile dysfunction.

ArgMatrix® research and patents focus on genetically-targeted solutions for optimal health in humans, including L-Arginine Nitric Oxide delivery systems. The unique and patented ArgMatrix® Nitric Oxide (NO) transport systems provide a specific signaling cell matrix designed to achieve appropriate cellular goals and provide health benefits of NO.

Safe Delivery

Safe Delivery of
Nitric Oxide & L-Arginine

Since its discovery as a signaling molecule 10 years ago, Nitric Oxide (NO) has been demonstrated to be ubiquitous and essential to a broad range of biological functions, but potentially dangerous in human use (Johns Hopkins/JAMA).

ArgMatrix® is the only long-term proven safe delivery system for the amino acid L-Arginine. The patents encompass the only Nitric Oxide (NO) formulas that contain Blind Amino Acid® Riders, which render NO and L-Arginine safe for human use long-term. Click Here

Safe Formulas

Creating Safe
L-Arginine Formulas

The rate of (Nitric Oxide) NO production is critically dependent on the bioavailability of Arginine. NO is a highly reactive, short-lived, lipophilic molecule with a half life of a few seconds. L-Arginine Nitric Oxide (NO) formulas are capable of producing excessive NO or reduced endogenous NO production.

Reduced arginine availability results in reduced NO synthesis. Arginine availability for NO synthesis is regulated by de novo arginine synthesis, arginase activity, and cellular arginine transport. Arginase is generated by excessive NO levels, and is to be avoided under any circumstance in an L-Arginine or NO formula.

Excess (excessive) NO creates a toxic environment in the human body, and low levels of NO (reduced endogenous NO) are ineffective, so NO highs and lows are to be avoided. In terms of fertility in males, NO reduces or inhibits sperm motility, while NOS inhibitors, which inhibit the formation of NO, prevent the reduction of sperm motility, indicating a role for the L-arginine-NO pathway in the modulation of sperm motility and motility survival.

Sperm motility is negatively affective by both reduced and excessive endogenous Nitric Oxide (NO). The mechanism of reduced fertility in males, related to NO, is a function of the effect of reactive oxygen species (ROS) on sperm membranes, which depresses sperm function. Stress also exacerbates reduced motility of sperm. Excessive NO levels in seminal plasma are associated with poor sperm quality.

Excessive generation of NO can be toxic and reduce sperm motility. Further, excessive NO contributes to the formation of a highly toxic anion of peroxidation, called peroxynitrite. The unpaired electrons of NO and O2 define peroxynitrite as a 1-or-2-electron oxidant and nitrating agent, and not a typical free radical.

Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated that peroxidation decreases sperm count and motility, and loss of the capacity of the spermatozoon to undergo the acrosome reaction and fertilization.

Therefore, NO formulas and products must be produced under strict GMP manufacturing guidelines utilizing long-term proven methodologies in L-arginine biochemistry.

The manufacture of NO formulas and products should not be attempted by persons unfamiliar with L-Arginine NO toxic byproducts and the Blind Amino Acid personality of amino acids, such as Arginine. Click Here

Embedded Tracer Technology

ArgMatrix® is the first L-Arginine complex to contain Embedded Tracer Technology (ETT). This allows tracking of authentic ArgMatrix® products and formulas.

As an Edible Computer Chip®, ArgMatrix® is used as the base of many different Arginine formulas and products. A Licensing Agreement is required for any use of ArgMatrix® in a product.

Any formula or product that contains ArgMatrix® is required to display the Official ArgMatrix® logo on products and attendant marketing literature.

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